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Dèria communicates through this ad that uses cookies when the user navigates through the pages of this site.
n Dèria we care about your privacy and make responsible use of cookies. The use of these files allows us to improve the usability of our site and provide better service and access to special applications or functionalities.
What is a cookie ?

It is a small text file that stores information , which is created by the website you're visiting and / or third-party applications that use this website .
These files are not executable and do not contain viruses.
Cookies in Dèria

uses three different types of cookies:
Type 1: Strictly necessary . Support the basic functionalities of the web , such as make the process of registration and identification of users.
Sequences of numbers and letters (eg 6de6b4579e1601a7da86dd87209807bc ) are used by our content management system to store the session ID .

Type 2: Cookies for extra functionality . Necessary to have certain useful functions on the web, such as buttons share on social networks .

Type 3: Cookies analysis . These cookies allow us to collect anonymous user visits our data. Analyze them using the web without identifying individual data and are used only to optimize the content and performance of our website.

Google Analytics
They collect information on how users use our website. The user's IP address , details of visits to our website and their origin are included. Are used to analyze the use of the website to understand the users who visit our website , to improve and improve our products, services and activities.
The information is read by Google Inc. Based on what produces adds anonymous reporting for us.
 If you want to know more about these cookies , click here
How to manage cookies on your computer

Dèria makes responsible cookies and used only for the purposes described above use.
Change settings for accepting cookies , you may hinder navigation and subtract features on our website . However, if you want more information on your configuration , you can check the websites of different browsers :
Google Chrome :

Firefox :

Internet Explorer :

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